Atari Touch Me

An eBay purchase that has some issues, but came with the original instructions. Follows a similar game design to “Simon”

Atari Touch Me

So with battery I would get intermittent power, and sad beeps.

To dismantle, there are no screws it a set of clips along the edges. The keypad is held in place by plastic rivets and you have to break or melt those to separate the keypad front from the backing plate.

So the first issue was this was not it’s first rodeo. It had water damage and also the 9 metal pins that hold the keypad had broken off at the solder level.

The easiest repair was just to replace the old metal pins with 22 gauge wire.

“Please provide a valid username.” on WordPress install

So setting up this site, I was fighting with the error “Please provider a valid username” on the initial install. Stackoverflow etc pointed to just creating the wp-config by hand and moving on.

After following those guidelines, I then hit the error “Please provide a valid username.” when trying to complete install step 2.

After looking around, I decided just to add a phpinfo() call in the install.php to see what was going on.

Looking a the return data, I notice I’m not getting any $_POST data back, which wouldn’t help.

So a few more hunts, and I find the stupid issue that post_max_size was set to 25MB. For the php.ini it doesn’t like this, and even though it shows “correctly” in the phpinfo() output, this will cause the size to parse as 0 and block any $_POST data. Changing it to 25M fixed the issue.

Second issue that cause some fun was getting used to the FPM/FastCGI version of PHP, which requires a separate restart to get the php.ini file changes working.

For that you need systemctl restart php-fpm.service